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  simple gospel. 

  simple church. 

we are family of faith church.

This is not a celebrity show

or a rock concert

or a self-help seminar.


  this is the gospel. 

A simple message of Faith, love & Grace (hope) for those who follow Jesus Christ.
If you put your faith in Christ, then you're part of our family.

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One of the biggest blessings in life is the blessing of family. 

Some people have been blessed with a great biological family (mom, dad, brother, sister, children, grandma and grandpas, etc.)  And those that have been blessed to have a family know the great gift of having that love and support throughout life. 

Unfortunately many people today come from broken families and they have never had the benefit of a big, loving family, and do not know what that is really like.

But one thing that even most people have missed out on in life, whether they have had the benefit of a biological family or not, is...a true spiritual family or church family.  One where you are connected not by physical DNA but spiritual DNA.  And this is what the church is truly for.  Not just going to a weekend service and an event here and there, but to live life together and be there one for another...and bless one another. 

Come and find out what Family of Faith is all about. Where everyone is welcome!

At Family of Faith Church, you will not be judged, condemned, or met with shame or guilt…no matter what your situation is or what you have been through. If you have life questions or just need a place to rest and allow God to RESET some things in your life…you will find Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness here at our church.


If you would like to talk to someone before you attend feel free to call us. We just want everyone to know they are “really welcome” here…and we open our arms to invite you to be part of this family!

Love to meet you soon!

Pastor Bill & Tammy

  come join us. 


more info:


10am Journey thru the Bible

11am Worship Service


6:30 Bible Study

We are a new church and are currently in our planting stage. We are holding regular services as we are developing our core team and church members. In time we will move to another location when we are ready to officially launch.

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