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Here is a list of some of the ministers and ministries that we at Family of Faith Church listen to and relate to.  Most (if not all) of their messages are founded in the Truth of the gospel and align with the Word of God.

And to clarify "most",... there may be some viewpoints or interpretations that we do not agree with.  Relating to all these ministers, however, a good majority of the high points of their messages we do.

In no particular order:

1- Andrew Wommack...we like the message and balance of Faith and Grace that Andrew Wommack presents. Many people who are looking for an Andrew Wommack church in the Louisville, KY area are drawn to Family of Faith Church for a similar message and ministry.

2- Bill Johnson  The core principle of Bill Johnson's message is summed up in his quote, “What's the will of God?  On earth as it is in heaven.  If it exists there, it's supposed to exist here.”



3- Bethel Church  The home church of Bill Johnson Ministries where personal revival and Kingdom impact is walked out in real life community.  "We are a community of believers passionate about God's manifest Presence.  We believe that God is Good and our great privilege is to know and experience Him."


4- Kenneth E. Hagin  Considered "The True Father of the Modern Word of Faith Movement",  Pastor Hagin lived a life of Faith in the Power of the Holy Spirit from his own miraculous healing as a teenager until the end of his life as a veteran of over 65 years of preaching and teaching.  His teachings are still available and still anointed.  And those principles are believed and taught at FOFC.

5- Kenneth Copeland  Coming into the revelation of Faith under the teachings of both Oral Roberts and Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copland has brought the Faith message to literally billions

whose lives have been changed through his ministry.

6- Charles Capps  Known for his teaching gift and insight on the subjects of Faith and Confession, Charles Capps, a retired farmer, traveled extensively throughout the United States and several foreign countries sharing the truths of God's Word. He taught Bible seminars for over 35 years, emphasizing the authority of the believer, faith and the power of words.

7- Creflo Dollar - Over the last 5 years, Creflo Dollar has gotten the revelation of the complete gospel of Grace and Faith and is preaching up a storm. He has very good insights and people who like his message and are looking for a Creflo Dollar Church in Louisville like FOFC. 



8- Joseph Prince - This is true also for Joseph Prince listeners, people who are looking for a Joseph Prince church in the Louisville, KY area are drawn to our message and church for a similar message. 


9- Joel Osteen - Joel Osteen brings a message of hope that people need today. And we at Family of Faith Church try to always bring hope in our messages. People are beaten down today and need to be lifted up. So if you are looking for a church in Louisville, KY with a message of hope similar to Joel Osteen's, you have found it. 


Related Ministries:



10- Jesse Duplantis

11- Joyce Meyers

12- Andrew Farley

12- Jonathan Welton

13- Robert Morris




What About Worship?

At FOFC we believe Worship is not to entertain the people, but to Praise the Father.

It's fine if you are entertained, but more important that you be engaged.

We also believe that the words of the Worship, just like the words of the sermon, should be consistent with the message of God's Grace and the finished work of Jesus Christ.

If the words and music of the Worship styles listed below resonate with your spirit, than bring your voice and join us at FOFC as we corporately Praise the One Who is Worthy.


Bethel Music


Elevation Worship

Vineyard Music

Gateway Music 

Chris Tomlin

Steven Curtis Chapman


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